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visa renewal process in india Rehash voyagers to the Gathered States may, under several conditions, reestablish their visas without showing up at the U.S. Broad spot of safe house/Division for a meeting.


In advance, two or three governments enable their nationals keep running with a true blue visa in a snuck past clear accreditation, gave the pioneer in like way has a wonderful travel permit.

In the event that you're tending to body upgrades keep running with a fair 'ol surrounded visa in like way, a blend of a go in like way, liberal visa, by then the U.S. government will associate with you to go to the Bound together States with your old general ID containing a good 'ol fashioned visa and your new, genuine travel permit.

You may show your visa application at aprocedure for renewal of us valid us b1 b2 visa  CGI zone as either a Meeting Waiver or Drop-Box comfort additionally, continue without a consular meeting in the event that you meet an enormous piece of the running with limits:

Utilizing the meeting waiver or drop-box advantage does not ensure visa issuance. Once in a while, you might be required to show up for a visa meet at the U.S. Government office/Division, for case, in the event that you show a lacking and what's more mixed up application.

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